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The collection is owned by Italian independent scholars who have made these instruments available for traveling exhibits on the subject of TORTURE. This collection shown for the first time in the U.S., in the city of San Francisco co-sponsored by Fort Mason Foundation.

Shown in many historical and prestigious venues all over Europe, in Tokyo, in Argentina and Mexico, the exhibit has always raised the interest of millions of visitors and the press, not only for its great visual impact, but also for its clear message against the violation of human rights.

Such violations have given rise to a great amount of resistance throughout the centuries and in the most diverse cultural contexts, and unfortunately continue to be very topical today.

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Our commitment, which we share with all who are interested in combating violence, torture, and capital punishment against living beings, is to show how throughout the centuries human beings have been tortured, both in body and soul, in the name of the truth, its only justification often being submission to the authorities.

All over the world, in the past and in the present, torture has been practiced both against the body and the mind of the victim.

It is devastating and inhuman, in its effect. It certainly cannot be called a punishment , but is merely an exercise in brutality and savagery, akin to the crime often only allegedly committed by the offender.

Today society should have the power to produce a new code of justice based on recognizing human dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of every individual.

Let those who are reading this view for themselves the "instruments' shown in this exhibit ; observe in silence, interpret with freedom of thought, conscience, religion, etc, and express their conclusions exercising their freedom of speech.

The Curator of the Exhibition

• We organize traveling and permanent exhibitions everywhere around the world, with authentic torture instruments taken from the Medieval Criminal Museum collection, in San Gimignano, Italy.

For more information, please contact us at the following address: info@torturamuseum.com

"A harsh whipping with a cane is the worst kind of torture practiced in our country. Though it may seem impossible, five hundred lashes, even just four hundred, it is all it takes to kill a man"
"The right to corporal punishment exercised by one man over another is one of the evils that afflicts society, it is a sure means to smother any seed of civilization and to cause it to decompose"

F. Dostoyevsky

"And the killing of children that never stopped, the children who were sold and betrayed by the million, the victims of torture hanging from the gallows, wicked banners of a wicked power".
"There is no event that has no effect on me and there is no event that I cannot affect in some way"
"Everyone of us, in our time and in our space, whether it be large or small, is always responsible for everything that happens in the world"
Father D.M. Turoldo

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